Andrey Is Committed to Helping Peers to Quit Drug Addiction (Sahira Nazarova, Voice of Freedom, Osh)

Andrey’s sad background helps him to efficiently help his peers who trust him and apply for his support.

In his childhood, Andrey traditionally thought of becoming a cosmonaut as many other kids in Soviet time. Life turned to be different. For many people his life is a success story of how a person can quit injecting drugs and help others to do the same.

Although he misses his family members who live in Moscow, including a 10 yo grand-daughter, he enjoys his life in Osh. He is a very important staff member at the local Parents Against Drugs Foundation, and his services are of great demand. He openly shared story of his life full of hardships, and told about professional experience. He asked to not mention his real name and not publish a photo.

The intro paragraph translated by GLORI Foundation.
The original source, in Russian, can be viewed here:

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