Asteria Public Foundation

Asteria Public FoundationAsteria Public Foundation was founded in 2006 by group of former women drug users. Asteria aims at providing psychosocial services to women drug users, sex workers, formerly incarcerated, HIV-positive women and their partners and relatives.

Asteria is unique in its preparedness to provide women clients with the whole package of services including temporary housing, food, medication and hygienic means, social navigation, harm reduction-oriented education, legal support, referral services and self-support groups.

In addition to the above, Asteria initiates advocacy campaigns aimed at improving the lives of female drug users. To reduce discrimination against the aforementioned group, the foundation works closely with family medical centers, police departments, and crisis centers.

Asteria also contributes to development of state programs for WDU, CEDAW report, and other gender-oriented programs. Asteria provided service to 94 beneficiaries for 3 years of project.

Here is a link to Asteria Foundation’s web page:

Here is a video with a brief overview of Asteria Foundation’s work:

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