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The Global Research Institute (GLORI Foundation) explores solutions to a whole range of globally significant health and social issues such as gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS, COVID, STIs, TB, dementia and other issues specific to elderly population, Hepatitis C, drug use, mental health and others where health status somehow correlates with stigma and discrimination. Health systems reform is also a focus of the GLORI Foundation, as is the promotion of policies and programs to improve access to medical services and improved health outcomes. At GLORI, we do not conduct surveys merely to gather statistics – we use data to inform changes, improve well-being, and promote democracy.

57% of people from 18 to 30 yo who use novel psychoactive substances, report the substance availability and confirm that can access NPS whenever they want
41% of the recent survey respondents are on Mephedrone, 36% prefer alpha-PVP and salts, and only 4% are on spices
5% of the recent survey respondents acknowledge that they engage in an illegal activity while purchasing novel psychoactive substances
3300 Kyrgyz som is the amount that the survey respondents are ready to pay for narcological treatment; they also reported spending around 3040 som at the most recent purchase of a substance

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