In Osh, a Training Arranged for Women to Re-enforce Their Self-Esteem and Encourage Personal Growth (Sahira Nazarova, Voice of Freedom, Osh)


Miss Mamlakat Mamarasulova, resident of the town of Osh, told about a training for 15 women that focused on personal growth and positive attitude enhancement.

Five years ago, Mamlakat’s husband was incarcerated, she has been waiting for his return soon. Her parents and a brother help her with upbringing her 3 kids. She has normal relations with her mother-in-law; however, husband’s family does not provide her with any finance support.

After her husband got to prison, she was really worried about stigma and negative attitude from others. She was not able to communicate with former friends, and felt very bad until she was invited to the training “My Professional Career and Life Success” that was designed specially for vulnerable women in Osh Region, where she met other women experiencing similar issues, and even harder than her own. As she is saying, “Here we speak the same language”.

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