«When I refused to remove my pants, he showed his gun…» (by Aleksey Tikhonov, www.lenta.ru)

Detained and police officers about controversial operation against drugs

In Russian, police operation ‘Poppy 2017’ is scaling up, whose main goal is to fight against drugs with all possible means. Police officers regularly report on their successes, but the longer the operation, the more alarming messages appear in social media. People complain that the police is openly overacting in carrying out the tasks assigned by their superiors.  Lenta.ru agency publishes the most vivid monologues of those who stand on both sides of the global anti-drug campaign.

“When I refused to remove pants, the guy took out ‘Makarov’…”

It should be also highlighted that not all who had the opportunity to have a close encounter with the police during the operation “poppy” are people far from the world of drugs. This anonymous story was published recently in one of the Telegram channels: the user told how he went into the woods, for getting the hidden drugs and run across police officer … ( informal translation by GLORI Foundation, original can be accessed at www.lenta.ru)


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