Voice of Freedom: Danil Nikitin: First of all, count on yourself, all the rest is of secondary importance

(informal translation by GLORI Foundation, the original interview in Russian can be accessed at www.golos.kg )

In published interview, Danil Nikitin, head of Global Research Institute, shared his experience on how he joined the NGO sector to help people from vulnerable groups.

Danil grew up and spend his childhood in Osh. He moved from Osh to Bishkek 11 eleven years ago. In 2014, he founded “Global Research Institute” (GLORI), which now implements important regional and international projects with the focus on protection of vulnerable groups.

Danil finished secondary school # 3 named after Lomonosov, and graduated from Faculty of World Languages of Osh State University.  After university, he worked for 10 years as teacher of English language in Lomonosov School and later moved to Aga-Khan school. Nowadays, his students are working successfully in many different parts of the world.

The meeting, which changed the whole life. In 2001, Mamosobir Burkhanov, head of Public Foundation “Parents Against Drugs” asked Danil to help with translation of grant proposal on rendering assistance to drug users. This was the period when many NGOs began their work in Kyrgyzstan, and some of them are still successfully implementing their activities today.


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