The Current State of Rights for Vulnerable People in Kyrgyzstan (by Sahira Nazarova)

(informal translation by GLORI Foundation, the original article in Russian can be accessed at

Vulnerable people such as people living with HIV (PLHIV), drug users, former prisoners, sex workers, are confronted daily with a range of barriers at home, in the street or at various state agencies. Representatives of NGOs and Osh community decided to share how these people overcome their challenges and what kind of support they need.

From darkness to light …

My interviewee (let us call her D), is a woman with fragile outward appearance, said that when she was engaged to her future husband, she did not know anything about him. Only after some time, she realized that he was using drugs and that she got HIV infection from him.  She is widow now, who is in charge of bringing up two healthy children. She was lucky to find good job due to her high education. She reads more and knows everything about her situation. She kindly shares her knowledge using peer-to-peer approach with other people, who suffer from the same decease.


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