Working Together to Roll Back HIV (by Sahira Nazarova, Positive Dialogue Foundation, Osh)

December 1 has been established as the World AIDS Day. In the town of Osh, as a part of multiple AIDS prevention educative events , experts told of contemporary virus diagnostic methods, and reminded of importance of precaution measures. Anyone is exposed to the risk of contracting HIV, but if people are aware of those measures and practice them, they have greater chance to stay clean. Also, information helps prevent stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA). 

The key idea behind the World AIDS Day is to attract public attention to the issue, thus contributing to reducing the number of new cases. It is manageable if the whole society works towards the goal. It needs input by medical professionals, the non-government, community-based and law enforcement agencies.

The Russian original can be reached through this link

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