«WINGS SUNFLOWER Intervention Experience»: Conference Agenda

20 May 2020, 09:00 Bishkek time zone (GMT +06:00)

«WINGS SUNFLOWER Intervention Experience»

UNDP project “Integration of an Intervention Model on Prevention of Gender-based Violence in Crisis Centers’ Activities in the Kyrgyz Republic” supported by Development Solutions Partnership on Addressing Gender-based Violence, UNDP Seoul Policy Centre

The Goal of the Conference: To demonstrate the advanced capacity of the intervention that integrates WINGS and SUNFLOWER key elements as a platform for working with women who apply to and benefit from the services provided by the community-based Crisis Centers.

Place and Time: 09:00 Bishkek time zone (GMT +06:00), May 20, 2020, through Zoom video-conferencing technology

Keynote Speakers:

Facilitators: Danil Nikitin (GLORI Foundation) & Tolkun Tiulekova (Association of Crisis Centers of the Kyrgyz Republic)

From here you may want to download the bio-sketches of all the keynote speakers, facilitators and moderators mentioned above:

Language: English and Russian, with consecutive translation

Translation: Ms Aida Kereksizova and Mr Sergei Gavrilin

Technical Moderation: Mr Zhanybek Kaparov

Mass media support: press-releases to local on-line media, as well as to blogs and social media associated with partner agencies

The whole conference has been video-recorded. All presentations and discussions were made freely available online immediately after the conference was completed. By registering for the conference, all participants agreed to these terms and conditions. The views expressed are those of the author(s) and keynote speaker(s) and not necessarily those of the conference organizers and / or sponsors.

  • 08.45 – 09.00 Participants Registration, overview of technical specifics associated with online format (15 min)

  • 09.10 – 09.25 Session 2: Participants introduction, agenda overview, questions and answers (facilitators, 15 min)

  • One-stop GBV service provision concept: Video telling of the one-stop GBV service provision mechanism is prepared by Ms Tolkun Tiulekova and is a part of her WINGS SUNFLOWER presentation (English version):

11.30 – 11.45 Technical break: remaining connected to the conference channel, participants may want to take a short break

  • 13.50 – 13.55 Closing Remarks (Ms Aisuluu Kamchybekova, Gender Program, UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic)

  • 13.55 – 14.00 Debrief, wrap-up, overview of online Feedback Form and completion guidelines, overview of access to video records and presentations

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