A Progressive and Innovative Intervention Model of Support for SGBV Survivors will be Piloted in the Six Crisis Centers of Kyrgyzstan

In May 2019, a new project of UNDP “Development Solutions Partnership on Addressing Gender-based Violence” was launched with support of the UNDP Seoul Policy Center and in powerful cooperation with … …read more →

Innovation Is a Priority

  Debriefing on the end-of-the-year achievements, Danil Nikitin and Aleksandr Pugachev of the Kyrgyz-based GLORI Foundation were interviewed by Sahira Nazarova, a freelance journalist in the town of Osh.   … …read more →

Step to Hope: We’ll Keep Making Goodness

Sahira Nazarova, the Kyrgyz-based journalist, has interviewed Danil Nikitin and Aleksandr Pugachev of GLORI Foundation who told of their experience with the WINGS of Hope project, findings, and next steps. … …read more →

Japan’s Prisons Are a Haven for Elderly Women: Lonely seniors are shoplifting in search of the community and stability of jail (by Shiho Fukada)

It’s a re-post by GLORI Foundation — the original English version can be found at the Bloomberg website through this link. Every aging society faces distinct challenges. But Japan, with … …read more →